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Here is the translation in English: “I used to be bothered by the fact that I got bored at the PC when I was still tied to my personal desk, when I was a bloody user. You stand in front of the monitor and draw squares, you realize that your desktop is a prison. It’s just a module to go online and process data from it. I wasn’t in the darknet, for me the normal Google internet is a horror. I’m looking for an alternative, I want a new internet, a personal one with ID and address, no more anonymous and fraudulent. Safe and complex. It shouldn’t be a link internet, but virtual reality, the first virtual world in the Bing internet. I want to earn money with every second I’m online in a world modeled after ours. With my virtual “I” that I can send to the virtual street. With which I can go voting. With VR glasses or 2D. I just want to push the desktop aside or use it as a gateway to a new free world under Windows. That is not anonymous and encourages forbidden things. Where everyone can present and sell themselves and their art. Where you earn money when you watch ads or they force ads on you. Everything should revolve around your opinion, the world is developed by user surveys. Only Microsoft can do that. Leave a message if you want to hear more.


I can fantasize about it for hours whats your opinion??????? leave a comment :)

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@Hasan_Boskovic  Hi,

" I’m looking for an alternative, I want a new internet, a personal one with ID and address, no more anonymous and fraudulent. Safe and complex. It shouldn’t be a link internet," 


This is simply not possible!

It seems that you are not an employee of the IT department who spends all his time taking care of security and other threats - just so that no one steals confidential information. 

We are taking over the world through a company, we hire everyone. Because everyone respects their boss and wants to be paid fairly for hard work. :)


You write about a philosophy that is utopia - and has nothing to do with the current IT world 

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Maybe I will ignite the fire in someone to start dreaming, stay on the wire I will write more. :fire:
The Internet 2.0 under Windows: A Vision for a Creative and Rewarding Virtual World which is killing boredom.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, work, and entertain ourselves. However, it also has its drawbacks, such as privacy issues, cyberattacks, misinformation, and digital addiction. What if there was a way to create a new version of the Internet that would enhance our creativity and reward us for our contributions, while also ensuring our security and well-being? This is the vision of the Internet 2.0 under Windows, a virtual world that would integrate the best features of the current Internet with the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and virtual reality.

The Internet 2.0 under Windows would aim to make people more creative and financially rewarded, under such circumstances no one would have a problem with advertising. There would be no premium version without advertising. Everything would be based on advertising. And it would be the start of a real electronic currency because there can be no currency without a country/world.

One could access the new Internet through the Edge browser, which would scan and clean the entire Internet for us. Since our virtual world would be one-to-one with the Internet, the Edge machine would create conditions for us. We would always move in the white area. Since we would always have one-sided opponents, the security structure would always grow with them. Learning by doing, but for that the beginning must be very safe, no one can overrun us because it is about very high sums. From the start, new machines would be needed, smartphones that are already adapted to this virtual world, 3D glasses…

In my opinion, it would be better if the world was kept in an artificial style and not use very real images (because of abuse). As already said, you can enter the world like today via the Edge browser, or you have already entered it by turning on the PC. You will also be able to use the PC as usual, only it should be an icon in our virtual world.

The world is so big that it is equal to the demand of people. New areas must always be opened when nothing is free on the real estate market, or when the user grows. The only reward will be that you start in small steps. First the chosen ones, and only after the system is in place, the masses.

Is it bad that artificial intelligence monitors and protects us? Not for me.

You can watch the world like in a game from above or with a VR headset, or you stay with the current Internet.

Every second you are online will be paid in VR currency. The user will have extensive tools to create images, videos, texts, content and much more. You will receive advertising money per view. You can also sell content, where you would then earn money as an author when reselling. In case of great interest there can be auctions. You can also donate to users, which gives you a badge: Big Spender. There can be several badges You can also sell news, which would benefit newspapers. There would be more ways to make money. You have

to pay for all content, depending on how famous and valuable you are for society, that determines the value of the sold content.

You can go online in department stores, almost every company already has an online shop, you would use all existing resources in all areas.

You can buy land or rent or buy existing properties. You can build or have built. A world where everything revolves around trading. It has structures of our world, where help is offered in all areas, everyone will have their thing. It will be easier to start businesses, much easier than in the real world. A central place that revolves only around you, you show only as much as you want. Your own video platform.

If it’s about Microsoft and Windows you have all investors in the game, they are all just waiting for such an opportunity.

The Internet 2.0 under Windows would offer us a new way of experiencing and shaping the online world according to our preferences and talents. It would also provide us with a fair and transparent system of earning and spending money in a virtual economy that is connected to the real one. It would also protect us from malicious actors and harmful content by using advanced artificial intelligence and security mechanisms. It would also allow us to choose how much we want to immerse ourselves in this virtual world or stay connected to the current Internet.

The Internet 2.0 under Windows is not just a fantasy or a utopia. It is a possible future that could become a reality with the help of Microsoft and its partners. It is a vision that could inspire millions of people to unleash their creativity and potential in a virtual world that rewards them for their efforts and contributions.


It's a good idea - write a script for a movie, it could be a hit.