The new Web Widget for Microsoft Edge Dev February update.

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I am not able to find this option anywhere. Restarted Edge and the Computer. But still nowhere can I find this option. Anyone has any solution?

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I have the same problem !

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Hey guys,

this is not a problem,

it's very normal, Web Widget is currently an experimental feature, only available to a subset of insiders in specific regions, so just be patient and you will get it eventually.


more info on Controlled Feature Rollouts:

I am on Microsoft Edge Dev channel. And after the last update, the welcome page opened as usual. On the small tabs that said new, the web widget was one of them. So, are you saying that only some people on the particular channel are getting this web widget option??? I thought that all the users of that channel get the same updates. Or, are you saying that it is reaching everyone, but slowly that is one group at a time???
News Insider page could say that: "Experimental and starting in some regions"...
This way wouldn't make us go around and around trying to find out what was wrong with our Edge,,,
True, there needs to be some labeling, like "controlled feature rollout"
still not available in my version, so there is no plan to roll it out ?
Hi, it's being slowly rolled out, eventually everyone will have it.