The Missing Sync Items from "Settings"

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Just want to make sure: even Settings sync is 95% unfinished for everybody, right? I'm perpetually needing to add the same words back to the dictionary on each system. The same with search engines. I took a look at edge://sync-internals and nearly nothing at all is being synced.


I've highlighted two that I can confirm are not syncing anything:




I've checked this page on both Dev 81.0.389.2 and Stable 79.0.309.65, both installed on two systems running Windows 10 Pro x64 1909 (18363.592). 



Settings sync already shipped in Stable, but it syncs only a very select set of data. Of the ~10 available "Settings types", just one—"Preferences"—has actually synced a single thing. From my count, all but one of these does not sync:


  • Preferences
  • Dictionary
  • Printers
  • Search Engines
  • Managed User Settings (Site Permissions?)
  • Managed User Whitelists (Site Permissions?)
  • Priority Preferences
  • OS Priority Preferences
  • OS Preferences

Is this what everyone else is seeing? It's a little uncanny to see "Settings sync on", but it actually not sync a lot of things. For stable users, this should be noted in the sync area that not all Settings are currently available to sync (as most won't ever bother to check edge://sync-internals). 



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I'm on Canary and only these rows are working for me








the rest are empty. zero. 0

so that means even though I'm using all of the features of Edge canary Version 81.0.396.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

but the sync does not recognize them.

majority of the unrecognizable rows in the sync internals fall under "Settings sync"

Thank you for checking, @HotCakeX, on Canary.

Sync, for all the planning done otherwise, was not planned out as well as other features.

To reiterate, if MS is not going to sync significant amounts of data from Settings, it'd be nice if they informed Stable users who might otherwise think, "Huh, I guess sync isn't working." Instead, it's going to be fixed soon, but it's not there yet.

After all the other browsers have figured out sync, I'm just surprised Microsoft couldn't nail this from the get-go.
Totally agree, Settings sync also should be changed to "coming soon" status until it is fully covering all of the bits in Edge settings.
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Hi there, I work on Edge. You are right that there are many settings that do not sync. Right now, only a few sync (homepage, homepage is your new tab page, restore on start up, for example). We are actively working on expanding the number of settings that sync.