The Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons aren't functioning well

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I'm on stable 85.0.564.51  (Win 10 2004).


The Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons are working fine with mouse, but when using the touch-input these aren't responding(at all), It works sometimes, sometimes not. I don't know when exactly or why this is happening(Maybe after few minutes of using or after resizing the windows few times). 


Thank you.

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That's weird @Deleted . I'm on Stable right now and I have never experienced any problem with these buttons on my touch screen. Tapping on them is the same as clicking on them with the mouse.

Right now it's happening to me, try using the browser for long time and see. it works fine when I open the browser for few minutes and after some time, this happens.
I found this too, placing or hovering the mouse over the close button doesn't lit the red light too.

You know what, @Deleted you are right! I have been using the browser for about 30 minutes and I just tried to minimize it by tapping on the minimize button and it's NOT working! All the 3 buttons are not responding to touch and they can only be clicked by the mouse. 

Great job discovering this bug. I will send a feedback about it to the Edge team and I hope you do too.

@Deleted Any news regarding this?

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@Deleted and @Faris-Jayyousi Thank you for reporting this! I checked in with our team, and it looks like they opened a bug for this and are actively working on it. In the meantime, feel free to try out our Beta or Dev channels, if you haven't yet.


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