The meaning of 'optional'

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This post is off-topic, but I think it's necessary. 

I saw in various posts people fighting each other about optional features that could be implemented. 

Sorry again for this off-topic post. 



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The way I see it that as time goes on different features will be added/changed or removed and replaced with better. Even when Edge C. goes stable version to all Windows users (and other platforms). It's like Google Chrome. Their browser and their channels (Can, Dev, Beta) have been around since 2010/2011 and they're still added or changing new features or revamping old features. There's features many of us like and will use, and others don't, nor will never use yet at the same time people like me like some features but like the browser also simple and manageable/usable. Not so clunky, bulky, over bloated that it's too much for everyone including speed, loading, performance. Plus the developers and programmers have to work on the essential areas of keeping the browser working and functional and usable and not breaking with new features or changes. 


For me the browser as it is is fine, and it has what I need, and it's still simple (simple meaning not over bloated or focus on being anything instead of being a browser). I've seen browsers that come around claiming all these new amazing bells and whistles that no other browsers have and specialized this and that and yet the browsers were terrible, clunky, and slow slow slow in performance because of all the unnecessary stuff. Like a browser that has an option of "no scripts" built in yet it's set to auto on and you have to go in and turn it off or else many of today's modern websites won't load properly but the claim is it's "more secure and private having it on". 


I think Edge C is an on going project like IE was. Each new stable release and/or update can bring new features and so on sometime after stable release is released. I hear people saying "if I don't see this or that or this option isn't added I'm going back to so and so browser or I won't use Edge anymore" and that's ridiculous as it might eventually get added over time as there's only so much the developers/programmers can do in so little time and getting a completed working browser out in public stable is the goal. I'm sure the developers/programmers get or hear a laundry list of features and options (some not overly important enough to be added as a rush that would help the performance or stability of the browser, instead more personal like or desired options) wanted to be added by beta users and they can't keep up.


Hi @Deleted,

We understand that the needs of our customers fall along a spectrum.  That a hard requirement of one person, will never get used by others, and that optional can mean anything from hidden versus shown all the way to compiled into the binary or not.  We are focusing on the fundamentals as our first priority with the next version of Microsoft Edge, including reliability, security, performance and website compatibility.  We are also beginning to find ways to meaningfully differentiate ourselves from other browsers.  The changes we have made to the user interface to incorporate our Fluent design principles and the new Collections feature are good examples of these.  We are focused on bringing a great browser to the Stable channel, and we will not end there.  We will continue to try to bring useful and differentiated features to Microsoft Edge, without negatively affecting the fundamentals.  We thank you for joining us on this journey, and hope that you notice the changes from day to day and build to build.  The feedback we have received so far, from the in-product send-a-smile, from the conversations in these forums and from other channels such are Twitter and Reddit have already helped us adapt and focus our efforts.  It is humbling to read all of the feedback, and to see how many people care so much for our browser.  Thank you!  We understand that we won't be the perfect fit for all people, but with the feedback from all of you, we hope that we can build a browser that feels better that every other.  Thanks - Elliot