The Edge Wallet CANNOT sync or even locally edit passwords

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Macbook Pro Intel chip, Edge version, Mac OS 14.4.1 (23E224)

Stable: 124.0.2478.67, 
DEV: 126.0.2552.0
(Both have the same prob)


  1. Sync (including password) already turned on,

  2. The same personal account, no probs met in my iPhone Edge app and another Macbook Air (M1-chip) desktop Edge.


  1. The Passwords section is all empty (edge://wallet/passwords?source=assetsSettingsPasswords)

  2. Click "Add," enter some info for testing, then click "Save." A prompt pop-up says, "Password has been added successfully." But nothing happened; the passwords section is still empty, just like I did nothing just now.

  3. In the "Personal Info" section of the Wallet, I choose one record and edit it. The edit takes effect and gets synced successfully in my Macbook Air (M1-chip) desktop Edge.

  4. Try to add a new profile; the same issue exists there.

  5. Uninstall Edge in my Macbook Pro (Intel chip), delete the `$home/Libray/Application Support/Microsft Edge` folder, then re-download and install the latest Edge pkg. The same issue exists.

  6. Freshly install Edge DEV, without account login, go wallet-passwords -> add one -> success prompt- -> nothing happened, still empty.


 I am wondering whether this issue relates to the file path that Edge wallet storing the passwords. It may not have enough permissions to write on that path?


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