the edge home page is annoying

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How can I perminetly get rid of the defualt MS Home page I keep getting everytime I open my Edge browser?  I've told the software many, many times to just go to google .ca as the default when I launch Edge but for whatever reason the Edge browser refuses to take that setting.


If I can't get it set perminetly to go where I want - I'm going to remove Edge form my PC.  Any suggestions or is it a case of too bad ..... we're Microsoft - Obey !!   (grin)




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that's interesting, really shouldn't happen.

Are your settings for the startup page overwritten after you restart the browser? Can you provide us a screenshot of edge://settings/startHomeNTP please. 

Also, what branch (Stable, Beta, Dev, Canary), version and OS you're on?

@davecason If I understand you, Settings > When Edge Starts and Settings > Home Page are set up like mine, only using instead of as the entries.




Is that correct?

Here they are !