The Edge 64-bit browser installation path is still in the Program Files (x86) directory

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The new version of the Edge browser is based on the Chromium open source project, and the installation directory of the 64-bit version of the Chrome browser has been moved to the "Program Files" directory, while the 64-bit installation directory of the Edge browser is still in the "Program Files (x86)" directory.


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@DustinWin Thank u for bringing attention to this, i was doing several clean installs made me think i still had a virus wich was the only reason for the clean install, since admittedly i just assumed the worst spent probably hours troubleshooting only to find out for inexplicable reasons unexplained just shows up there by default lol, i mean microsoft i know u have put the effort into making the first microsoft browser that isnt a running joke i might add have recently turned to using it as one of my main browsers and now, highly recommend it to some, but u continue to miss things like this its like u cant help but continue the running joke please fix this as im sure its comically simple to do given your army of programmers