The Cortana Reminders calendar

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In the Calendar app on my Windows 10 laptop, various calendars appear that I can tick or untick to show in the display. One of these is the Cortana Reminders calendar, which indeed shows any reminders created in Cortana on the laptop, or created in either Cortana on my Android Phone - the Cortana in Microsoft Launcher or the separate Cortana app. But ...


I feel I must be missing something, but whereas I have all 3 Cortanas connected to my account and my account, and also have the Calendar app on the laptop connected to both my account and my account, and every other calendar in the Windows 10 Calendar app AND in my calendar and phone Google Calendar all appear in each other AND in the calendars in my laptop email client (Thunderbird) and Android email client (Blue Mail), the Cortana Reminders calendar only appears in the W10 Calendar app. The Cortana Reminders calendar does not appear in my calendar, or my calendar, and therefore doesn't appear in either email client's calendar either. Even the Microsoft Launcher Calendar Card does not list the Cortana Reminders calendar in its choose calendars list.


Is it really not possible to have the Cortana Reminders calendar appear in the calendar (and therefore, through the linking, all the others), only the W10 app calendar? If it isn't possible then that is a big hole in the integration of all the Microsoft PC and Android and web apps, and really leaves me scratching my head as to the best way to have reminders showing everywhere I need them to (and disappointingly thinking the best way may then be creating reminders with Google apps rather than Microsoft).


On a side but not unrelated note, why is there no Microsoft Calendar app for Android that I could choose to use instead of the Google Calendar that came with the phone? Yes, there is the Outlook app - but I ended up uninstalling that minutes after installing it. (a) It's principally an email app, I don't want to use it for email, but I found no option to turn off the email part and just use the calendar part; and (b) it doesn't show the Cortana Reminders calendar either, just the calendars that show in which doesn't include the Cortana Reminders calendar. What I would LIKE would be a Microsoft Android Calendar app that was like the Windows 10 one, displaying all the calendars that one does.

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@DavidGBSame problem. Except I like the Outlook app for emails. However, I would liek to see a standalone app for calendar as well. At least add support for Cortana and To-Do. Or add support for To-Do and because you can link Cortana and To-Do and reminders appear in the "Tasks" card. But that would be a silly daisy-chain.

Reiterating what was pointed out already, why not add To-Do/Cortana integration into the Calendar Card also? Then include rules so that no duplicates appear. For example, merge identical reminders from various platforms, merging the syncing snooze and completed requests for one and all synced reminder accounts.

Also, how is there a Wunderlist add-in for outlook on Android but not Wunderlist OR Cortana? Do you want us to use Wunderlist or To-Do and Cortana? Who is living in the past here?

Has no one at Microsoft noticed this is a problem? Seriously? How has this been broken for this long? I just switched over from a Lumia 950 to an LG G8 Thinq, installed the launcher and this is still a mess?!