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When Microsoft started testing the Chromium Edge, I received a message from Microsoft, and when I access  “” in that version of The Chromium Edge, the "试用 Microsoft Edge" button appears in the upper right corner. Today is 2020, and this little problem is not solved. Isn't The Chromium Edge really An Edge? It's not too technically difficult to solve this problem. Identify the user's browser UA and adjust the page according to the UA. Is there any technical problem not dealing with this little problem?

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You're right, I could reproduce the problem too. but it's important to mention that it only appears in Bing when the country is set to China.






So it could be a Bing problem rather than Edge problem.

here is their community in case you want to cross-post this to get more attention




After this post I went to the international version of Bing, found that only China has this problem, and now I will submit this question to the Bing team, thank you!
You're welcome :)

 @HotCakeX  Today I found an interesting thing in Bing China, the "Try Microsoft Edge" button in the upper right corner disappeared, as did Chrome and IE.

I couldn't understand your comment completely but it looks like that banner no longer appears in Chinese version of Bing for you.

I can still reproduce that problem though, in my Edge latest canary Version 81.0.385.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Hello @Mary-Sue! Glad your issue was resolved here. We noticed you posted the same message in the Bing community, which is a different topic in addition to it being a duplicate, so I've removed that message. Just wanted to let you know, and please keep posts about the new Edge in this community. Thank you! 

Thank you. Someone suggested that I could raise the problem with Bing before it could solve the problem, so I re-raised the problem in the Bing community and it has now been resolved.