The Bing Button is no longer next to the 3 dot.

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Screenshot 2023-03-09 223446.png

Previously when I use Edge Dev the button is still there in the top right corner but now it doesn't show up there anymore. I know that I can turn on the sidebar to access it from there but I prefer it next to the 3 dot than on a sidebar. I currently using the latest Edge Dev version and I do use Kaspersky but I don't know if it affect anything.

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Same thing had been the case for me since the last dev update, which completely removed it.

I'm not sure but if you have "Show sidebar Ctrl+Shift+/" in the three dots menu, and/or the sidebar doesn't have auto-hide sidebar/always show sidebar option, probably new sidebar is disabled and you have former sidebar.
If you could launch Edge while you're offline and there is the Bing button, it may be configured intentionally as such by ECS for some users.
You can try launch Edge with "--enable-features=msEdgeSidebarV2" command-line option but it may be insufficient.
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They just released another Dev update and it's back! Thank you for guys help anyway:)
I got the update and its back for me now too. Yay!!!