Text pasted twice (actions executed twice) when using Dev Tools

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I use Edge + Dev tools for web design purposes.


Recently, when pasting CSS in Inspector Stylesheet, the text get pasted twice even if I only press CTRL+V once.


In the same way, this happens when:

1) I press enter: in this case, I get multiple new lines instead of one

2) when I press backspace: in this case, multiple chars are deleted even if I press backspace only once


I wasn't able to understand "when" this happens, I just can say it happens often but not all the times.


It doesn't seem to be a Windows related problem, as I don't get this error when working on Firefox.


I've tried to disable all extensions, but the problem is still there.

Edge version is 105.0.1343.53

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Thank you

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