Text contrast ratio of URL tooltip is too low (screenshot included)

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When in dark mode, the text contrast ratio of the URL hover tooltip is too low! I have great vision and this is still bad, so it must be really bad for most users. Attached is screenshot comparing Chromium Edge (top) vs old Edge (bottom). Please fix this! It's quite bad :( urltooltipcontrastratio.png

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Just to be clear, this tooltip appears in the bottom-left corner of the browser when you hover your cursor over a link


I find it quite distracting in the old Edge. that tool tip at the bottom left corner is bigger and brighter, also there is a space between the tool tip and the bottom of the browser window. it even gets worse when i move my mouse pointer over many links quickly.

in the new Edge insider, it looks much better and it kinda blends in so that whoever needs to see that text should focus on it, and it's good in my opinion because it's not a part of the main web content.


Annotation 2019-08-27 134044.png


Google's UI people are the ones that decided to use such a low text contrast ratio, Microsoft rightly uses a much higher text contrast ratio in their tooltips, so my request is basically for Microsoft to use their better, more reasonable text contrast ratio here, especially when you consider how small the size of the text is
bumping this in case Edge team didn't see it

@Bdsrevlittle update on this one: can yous at least update it to match the new non-link tooltips? That would be an improvement and it would also make Edge tooltips more consistent


Edge team, I'm pretty sure the text contrast ratio does not meet accessibility requirements when you consider the size of the text (the text size is too small to have such a low contrast ratio). Please fix this.