Testing the new feature to add themes

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I'm using a Chrome Store theme, so it doesn't fit 100% perfect on Edge ... but I thought it was cool to have this feature enabled on Canary ... now waiting for themes created specifically for Edge







A little humor in these dark times:
- James, I can't take this life anymore... My marriage sucks... My job is driving me crazy... My football team doesn't win any game... Someone hit my car yesterday... :cry:
- Wow Carl, how much negative in your life huh?... But I bet you have something positive... Come on! I know you have something positive! Think about it, and tell me what it is!
- Yes, I do: my test for Covid-19... :facepalm:

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This is new? we could do that since at least 6-8 months ago.
don't even need canary, Edge stable 87 can use themes on Chrome store too. without the need for any flags.



Oh! I didn't know, I thought it was available from the last build.
Thanks for clarifying the subject

No problem