Teams web client inferior performance with edge chromium


Hi guys, I'm aware this may not be the best place to ask this question, but as this is heavily related to Edge, I was wondering if other people that are often giving feedback here are also experience this.


As I'm guest user in many tenants using Teams, I use the web client of Teams which each instance having its own profile in Edge Chromium dev channel. The experience with the web interface has been far from ideal having video feeds from participants in meetings not showing properly most of the time and screen sharing from participants often not showing for me. I was trying Edge stable channel and didn't notice much difference. My own video most of the time doesn't show up to people, and desktop sharing from my side also often doesn't work.


I normally have these Teams instances installed as progressive web app which creates the boundary between each instance, but the lack of stability and consistency with Teams in regards to video feed and desktop sharing is driving me crazy!


What are your findings with the web client so far?

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@AlexB recommendation is to use Microsoft Teams app since it has all functionalities like Blur Background and it is fully work with all Windows components.

However, I had positive experience with Microsoft Teams web on Microsoft Edge and not much problem. I recommend whenever you or anyone else seeing any issue , make sure report them through Feedback Hub app. Sometimes, it is not issue with Microsoft Edge and it could be issue with graphic card driver.


I would suggest you to use Microsoft Teams in the Edge browser itself and not as progressive web apps. I also had installed a video conferencing website as a PWA and often had issues with the audio, video and screen sharing. But when I use teams as a normal tab in the browser it works great. I would recommend you to give it a try. Do notify if it works!