Taskbar tasks list is missing

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When right click on the program on taskbar, the tasks list is not shown. I reinstalled Microsoft Edge Dev but the browsing data is not clear, the issue still persist. 


Before a certain update that I forgot, it used to be there but after the update I accidentally unpin and repin the tasks is gone. 


EDIT: I checked others post seem some of them had same issue as me. 


EdgeTask.pngTaskbar Tasks is missing


EdgeTask2.pngIt is shown in start menu


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Thanks @Limyx826 for reporting this. I can confirm I see the same as you.


I'm filing a bug as I type. Thanks again. 






I will, call it a Jumplist, if that's ok.  I am showing my own, also, w/ Dev. Will be different, of course, w/ different items. The difference between yours & mine is clear.  But, please, note, do have to have it Turned On for (more) items to show on the Jumplist. I trust this may help.

Turn on.jpg




Well it is turned on and that's the issue. 


EdgeTask3.pngWell that's the problem



you're right, it has nothing to do with that Windows settings.

however it should be fixed in the future Dev updates since it's already fixed in Canary, meaning that it will eventually come to the Dev and Beta too but with a delay :)

Btw @DarrenMH filled a bug report for it.


Annotation 2019-08-28 141608.png


This issue still occurs in Dev channel (version


Hi Franklin,

I cannot repro what you mention. Dev Build & the jumplist is there & was in prior Builds, as well.

Dev J.jpg


Hi, try updating your Edge dev. if it's bothering you too much just switch to Canary for now. it doesn't have the problem. i hope this problem is not another side effect of A/B testing..
I think is already the latest Edge dev...



I have even tried to reinstall Edge Dev Insider and the task list remains not shown. I think the tasks are not registered for an unknown reason. I have attached screenshots showing the differences.






Yes that's why I suggested to use Canary version instead while waiting for a fix for Dev. it's more stable and doesn't have that problem. Dev has always had more problems than Canary as far as i remember, and i've been using Edge insider since launch. Dev also has a small problem with extension menus. It feels like the more bugs they fix, the more broken Dev gets.
like they fix a bug in one place but create more bugs in other places. though it's all beta now and normal.

@HotCakeX I think the same issue exists in Canary too.


Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)



@Limyx826 @DarrenMH Are you still experiencing the same issue?



No as you can see I've got all the task lists in the taskbar


Annotation 2019-09-19 170907.png




For your information,

EdgeTask4.pngWell I had no idea what kind of bug is this, some had it some didn't

Try unpin it and repin it

@Limyx826 @HotCakeX 


I wonder whether Windows 10 update is a cause now. After reinstalling Firefox, all tasks are lost.






The Firefox issue, I am able to get the tasks in jump list back by going to about:config then setting browser.taskbar.lists.enabled to false then true. I am not aware of a similar flag in Chrome or Edge Insider.

Mind to take a full screen screenshot? this white area doesn't say where it is taken from exactly.



Press Start, then enter "Edge Dev":




oh alright, well here it is, all of my browsers got the correct items there too.


Annotation 2019-09-19 191153.png



Annotation 2019-09-19 191502.png


Annotation 2019-09-19 191526.png





Yes, Franklin, it is, your thinking is correct. And this is with the Dev taskbar jumplist that I happen to have at the moment.  I have never been without it. And must be "On" in Settings.
Dev J.jpg



It is, certainly, not a universal issue.  I don't have it nor did I (ever).  Dev or Canary.  Seems not everyone has the issue.




No flag needs to be enabled.  But, jumplist item in the OS Settings needs to be On.


That's Not correct.

that option was OFF when I took those screenshots above. it has absolutely nothing to do with it. that option clearly says it only effects recently opened items. which means visited sites, Not browser functions like opening InPrivate/Incognoto mode windows.
It might not be universal but there are quite a few people that are experiencing the issue. it's worth to be looked into.

The exact text of that option:
"Show recently opened items in the jump lists on Start or the taskbar and in the fire explorer Quick Access".
recently opened items for browser means recently visited websites.
for other programs like Photo viewer means recently opened photos and so on.


No Win10 Update is the cause.  All I mentioned that is normal is on that Build.  I didn't only check on the Insider Build; A-ok on both.


Would you mind mentioning which Windows update (KB number) is the culprit?

Now chrome is broke as well, this let me think that is it the chromium base is faulty. 



Uploaded by Lim Yang Xuan on 2019-09-21.
Also quick note: Firefox is fine.


Quick note:
All 3 (of my) Edge Cs & Edge are fine.  Maybe this info helps you.


@Limyx826 My Chrome lost all tasks on jump list after updating to Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) too!


It does seem to be Chromium related.

After this update the tasks came back. 

EdgeTask5.pngIt's back

@Limyx826 Using Version (Official build) dev (64-bit), but the tasks on jump list are still missing...

I am unable to find a .customDestinations-ms file for Edge Dev in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations, but I find its app id in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\ImplicitAppShortcuts, which is af8446203517116f
Really strange. this has never happened in Canary, it always happens in Dev.
have you tried unpinning the shortcut and pinning it again?
Tried but that has no effect


Franklin, FWIW, I do not have this issue nor have I in any past Build & same for all 3 Channels.


And it broke again in today update

EdgeTask6.pngyep it broke again

@Limyx826 Same in Version 79.0.301.2


I hope somebody from the Edge team will look into this issue...

@FranklinWhale @Limyx826

BTW, whilst this is being reported... supposedly, we are all on the same up to date version numbers and the issue is not universal.  For example, my own Jumplists are fine & always, have been.  I do not think I am the only one NOT having this issue.


Same in 80.0.320.4
I think we are getting no assistance at all here...
Yes you mentioned it before multiple times


I think they really fix the taskbar issue because I found a solution to it. 

EdgeTask11.pngIt's back.


How I get it back (Work on Chrome as well):

1. Unpin the program if you pin it on the taskbar

2. Pin the shortcut from start menu

EdgeTask9-C.pngI believe that the start menu icon that pin on taskbar isn't the program

3. Open Setting, go to Personalisation and Start section

4. Toggle Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar and in File Explorer Quick Access repeatedly, it may lag when turning off

5. Check whether the Tasks came back or not, if not try again? or submit another bug report

6. If it works unpin the start menu shortcut from the taskbar and pin the program on the taskbar if you want


I used this method before in previous version but it didn't work. Now that it works I believe the Devs had fix some weird bug between the start menu shortcut and the program itself. 

@Limyx826 Your solution works!!!! I just could not believe it would. Thanks!

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