Take a Test App , Edge and New Tab

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I just noticed that you can make the new tab into a PWA? It actually works great and I wouldn't want this to be removed since it would be handy. or is it a bug?


What is test a app do? Does it open edge in a kiosk mode? Like for tests for school? How do I enable it if I am not the admin?

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Installing NTP as app is greyed out on Edge canary and stable
Yeah it is greyed out now but just this morning there was a option to install it and I sent feedback.

Oh alright

Hey @Deleted , can you clarify? Are you saying that you had the New Tab Page open and the option to "Install this site as an app" was not grayed out for you?




Yes, it was only that time, after I uninstalled it was greyed out. It was like a normal pwa and it worked. It had a black border theme on the top.