tabs suggestions: add cmd z option in edge like safari, this means reopen closed tab + other

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now there is riapri scheda chiusa shift cmd t. you should change this to cmd z, since we do all with cmd z in macos


without need to use extensions or history or to change the shortcut


Main problem: when an user uses cmd z there is no reaction --> the user think cmd z (reopen tab feature) is not available at all.

Outside the fact that in such way we need to use another shortcut or change shortcut...


additional new suggestions:

- import export tabs to various edge profiles

- add tab to left or right, or other tabs to bookmarks (not just all).

- if no pinned tab is available, open a new tab once we close last tab

- maybe an additional: add pinned tab to the right too (so we can have two workflows). 

- avoid to lose pinned tab at launch. sometimes i see such problem. i can reopen it when i click "reopen last session..."


chrome link:


other suggestions related to tab management (available in chromium)


pin tab need to be available on all windows (like safari) and new opened link should open automatically in a new tab, not directly in the current tab. Plus a right click menu remove all pinned tab at once, without need to select it. plus a button close tab to the left without removing all pinned tabs (like kinza)


add mute all other tabs feature in right click menu, and not just mute this tab.

it should be available per default, without need to use extensions...

an option "keep all mutes would be cool too"

please add a way so that we can color tabs with just right click (at the moment there is no similar feature). would be much better for our workflows. this doesn't mean to use groups

add option to open new tab directly to the right, and not to the end... (maybe to the left too)

add an option to close all pinned app at once, without need to unpin and then close...  or to select pin tabs and close it (less important feature)

add a way to right click reload icon and then we can choose reload this, all, to left, to right...

add option to merge windows with menu bar and right click menu


PS: some suggestions can be fixed with extensions now, other are still missing.

pin unpin in apple style. this mean if I drag the tab to the left you pin it, if I drag to the right you unpin it




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From end 2020-10 all suggestions are written on both Edge and Chrome at the same time, suggestions before 2020-10 are available only on Chrome.



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