Tabs not rendering (are blank pages) after desktop switch

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I'm using Version 80.0.320.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit) on Windows Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362. My laptop is a Surface Pro 6. Both Chromium Edge and Windows are fully updated.


If I am using multiple desktops with tabs open on one desktop and then switch to a different desktop to use a different app, then switch back, all of the tabs have 'empty' content i.e. the contents of the tabs are not rendered but leave an empty, white, background. They don't respond to clicks or scrolling and the only way to restore the browser to any functionality is to minimise and then maximise the browser window.

This has been happening for several browser releases now so isn't specific to this build.

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@HotCakeX  how do I do that? My browser is saying it is up to date and not giving an update icon? The link you provided discusses the fact that there is an update but not how to apply!





if it says your Edge dev (version 80.0.320.5) is up to date in here


Annotation 2019-11-15 132019.png

 (image is from Canary channel, not Dev)


then there are 2 possibilities,

either your Edge dev has a problem in which case you could try wait it out or download the new version from here:


Or maybe Microsoft removed the last dev update from the servers (happened before) and that's why you're not getting it when you check for updates.





@FreekBloemhof yes, that sounds like my problem exactly! Interestingly i've not re-installed chrome to see whether it's an engine problem (I assumed it was a Microsoft Edgium issue!)