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Why does Microsoft edge tabs refresh automatically when i have certain amount of tabs open. 

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how many tabs approximately? and how much RAM do you have?
which version of Edge are you using?
stable and i have 4gb of ram
That's a bit low, that behavior might be normal with that amount of RAM.
make sure you're using sleeping tabs and set the time out to minimum which is 5 mins, hopefully that helps
Used to happen before the sleeping tabs feature was implemented
At how many open tabs do you start seeing this issue?
About 5 or so i think
That's not a lot, I think you're experiencing a bug,
if you haven't already, please use the feedback button on Edge to submit a report and explain your issue there. developers will have a chance to review it.
press Edge's (...) menu button => Help and feedback => Send feedback
ok thanks what if i have about 10 tabs or so open
Open Windows task manager, from options select always on top, let it stay on top and then browse in Edge and reproduce the problem. sort processes in task manager by memory usage, see how much memory is being used when you see page refresh in Edge.
There are still some Ram left.
forgot to ask but are you using any flags from here? edge://flags/

no i am not using any

If that's okay please try Edge insider Dev channel and see if the same behavior occurs in there too