Tabs gone after WindowsUpdate reboot. How to get all tabs back?


Sometimes I get question if I want to open last tabs, but lately WindowsUpdates are rebooting my machine and then all my tabs are lost and no question if I want to recover them. (I had been doing research for several days with 50 tabs open)


Is there a way to manually open previous set of tabs I had before the reboot? 

Why is there no question if I want to restore when I open Edge Chromium the first time after reboot? 

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Yes, there is a manual way to restore all closed tabs at once by using the reopen closed window feature by right-clicking on the New tab or on the titlebar and clicking Reopen closed window in the Context Menu.

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@TheShaunSaw Thanks! I will try this Ctrl+Shift+T the next time I reboot. It didn't work now, but I guess I need to do it directly after first startup. 

@NiklasE Thanks for reaching out. To confirm, were you switched to the new version of Microsoft Edge after the Windows Update, or had you already been using it? If the former, had you been using the "Set tabs aside" feature? And if the latter, what version have you been using? (You can check it here: edge://settings/help). 


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@Deleted I have been using new Edge for a while now so been using it before the last update+reboot, but not sure if I installed the new before or after upgrade to Windows 10-2004. 

about: Microsoft Edge is up to date.Version 83.0.478.45 (Official build) (64-bit)

I see now that on startup is set to this: "Open a specific page or pages"

I will change it to "Continue where you left off" and see if this helps in settings. 

@NiklasE Ok great, that checks out. Yes, please let us know how that setting change works for you, and we'll investigate further if it happens again!


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@Deleted  Hi Fawkes. I saw this when browsing for a solution. Do you know the solution to reopen tabs that were closed after edge updated? They disappear from the "reopen closed tabs" button. This isn't to do with a windows reboot by the way. Thank you.


Edit: I'm new to mtc, so am not sure if this has been posted in the wrong place.



@NL1232155 Welcome to the community! The MSFT Edge Insider forums primarily focus on issues that users of our preview channels encounter, but we're always happy to help either way. Can you please confirm:

  1. What version of MSFT Edge are you using? (You can find that here: edge://settings/help )
  2. Did you opt to import your browsing history during the update?


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@Deleted  It seems to work fine last weeks after later updated builds. Today e g now with these builds: 
85.0.564.63 (Official build) (64-bit)
86.0.622.38 (Official build) (64-bit)

I will keep on testing other canary/beta build also in parallel now. 

If signed in to my account does this settings auto-propagate to all my computers or I need to watch out when installing new machines? (I use a couple of different machines and test newer Windows 10 builds also on regular basis switching installations quite often. )

I also lost all tabs after update reboot. I didn't get them back. Also setting "On Startup" was reset to "Open a new tab". So, before I noticed that, I lost few more open tabs when I closed Edge.



Do you know if this issue has been resolved?

I just now restarted  my computer after a Windows update  ant both my tabs and browser history in Edge are gone. The option to open recently closed tabs was greyed out - it was the first thing I checked. I don't know which version of Edge I was using, but I'm guessing it was updated as well, because I get a prompt under the address bar to press "Complete setup" or "Maybe later".


What can be done? Can I at least find my history somewhere?

My current version of Edge is Version 85.0.564.67 (Official build) (64-bit)


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@rokasklydzia10 The issue should be resolved now! It may happen one last time as the fix takes hold, but then you should be good to go. It looks like you may also be using an outdated version of Microsoft Edge, so I'd recommend updating to the latest version in order to get the fix: edge://settings/help


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

is there a way to do this through editing files because after an update it got rid of the settings I had set up to open last browsing session?



Hi! I know this thread is kinda old right now, but I had the same problem as @rokasklydzia10. I've just restarted my computer and usually there's a pop-up that says "Restore Tabs", but this time it didn't. I've had many windows up that are for research and some of them, I look at once in a while for review so they don't show up on the recently deleted tabs since they only got deleted by the restart.


Is there any way to get these tabs back? Some of them were pretty important... 



I have exactly the same issue - please could someone advise ASAP

I am using 

Microsoft Edge Version 92.0.902.62 (Official build) (64-bit)
and have lost my history. Any suggestions? This occurred after my computer shut down. Normally I have the option to restore history, but it is gone.