Tabs don't load and time out, high RAM and CPU usage, browser unusable - help?

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Hi Everyone.


I am using the dev build of Edge Chromium (79.0.309.54 (Official build) beta (64-bit)).


I have the following issues:


1 - New tabs are slow to load any pages.  I just get the spinning animation and the page itself I go to only half loads and then I get asked to Wait or Exit because it takes too long.


2 - Pages are slow to load any content.  So pages I browse to will not load properly and all elements will not load and page is not usable.

3 - I have to refresh tabs many times just to get the website I want to load properly the first time.

I believe this may be due to high CPU and RAM usage on my machine by Edge Chromium.  I am not sure how I can investigate it though.


I have attached a screenshot of my task manager.  You can see I only have one tab open properly, a Google search, which hasn't fully loaded, and my CPU and RAM are rather high.

Any suggestions?


Many thanks.

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So it turns out I may have solved it myself.


I removed the AdGuard extension and everything seems to have calmed down and the browser  is usable again.

@HotCakeX I've been using uBlock Origin for like 6 years, and now its doing this issue. It doesn't even show up as 99% CPU usage, it just cranks my CPU temps to the max and Microsoft Edge becomes unresponsive until I remove the extension. I came back to it recently and it was fixed but now its back at it again. :sad: