Tab text color is red.

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After updating to the 105.0.1327.0 canary version, the color on the tabs will turn red.()


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Same here. Even after today's update to Version 105.0.1328.0

I have the same issue, through versions 105.0.1327.0 and 105.0.1328.0, Canary builds.

I'd be really grateful to hear if anyone knows why this is happening and whether there'll be a fix (because I don't consider it a feature :smile:) in forthcoming versions?

@Xiao_xiao Yeah me too



Same here. This should be high priority bug since the browser becomes very hard to use.
I tried turning off HW acceleration but that didn't help.



Stopped by to see if anyone else is seeing "red"? :cryingwithlaughter:

Yes I see it too and it happened with that update. For at least a day a red border also appeared around the address box. Really annoying so I flipped over to the Beta version for a couple of days. The Tabs are still red but the address box is not. I do see that you have the sidebar. I had it and then it disappeared a couple of updates ago and can't seem to get it back or an answer why it disappeared. I have it on in flags setting and in appearance but no-go. I get the 'Add tab to sidbar' choice in the tab right-click but nothing happens. Anyone else have this issue?

@Xiao_xiao, this issue seems to be resolved with Version 105.0.1332.0. I'm very pleased!

Same here. After updating, the issue went away.

It looks like it got promoted to the Dev channel. The red text is present in 105.0.1329.1.

First time it happens to me, after updating to 105.0.1329.1. in the dev version

The red text in dark mode is absolutely terrible.
Mine was fixed today after updating to Version 105.0.1336.2 (dev).
It makes the browser really hard to use, so really glad it's fixed now.
For those wondering why we seem to see red all the time:

Interesting! Glad to know that it wasn’t a stupid GTK regression this time...


(For posterity, here’s the text of the above tweet: “Red is the placeholder color when a color is missing from the color table. That has been happening a lot recently when there's activity upstream that moves things around and we haven't yet fixed it up on our side.” — Eric Lawrence)