Tab Search with Windows 10 Caption Button

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Tab Search is in-browser feature included to Google Chrome since Chrome 87 that make user easier to search tab opened in same windows or different windows.

In edge://flags does not have Enable Tab Search (#enable-tab-search) and Windows 10 Tab Search Caption Button (#win-10-tab-search-caption-button) option to enable Tab Search Feature.

Although users can enable Tab Search by using the –enable-features=msTabSearch,Win10TabSearchCaptionButton command line switch, but keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+A) is not working.

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Here an Example.

Screenshot 2021-10-01 123108.png



I recently updated Chrome and it stuck this Caption Button back in.  I've gone to "Chrome Experiments" several times to disable it (that used to work) but now it no longer works.  Can anyone advise me how to get rid of these captions permanently please?  Thank you!

Hi @Barbarini, you may want to post your question at Google Chrome Community, I think you will probably get a better answer there. Thank you.



@KenChong Thank you very much.  From the posts, it looks as though Google has made that feature impossible to disable.  I have sent a strongly worded note to their "Report an issue" link.  Hahaha - as if they really care what we think!  I appreciate your help.

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