Tab Preview still missing

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The Classic Edge has this cool feature that you can enable Tab Preivew (or big tabs). If you activate it, the tab bar becomes bigger and all tabs are shown as thumbnail image of the page.


The Tabs also become bigger in width, so it doesn't show as many tabs simultaniously. It's easer for touch but it also helps, if I want to tidy my tabs, when many of them have been collected over time.


I still miss this feature in New Edge. Along with the other missing touch features makes the New Edge unfitting it's Job as main Browser for Windows. 


PS: Also in Classic Edge, even if Tab Preview were off, Tabs had a minimal width and could be scrolled through, if there were too many for the screen. That is also still missing in New Edge. Maybe this is intentional, but it should be still available at option at least.

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@MartinProhn I completely agree. You could also hover over a tab to see a preview of it. I really hope all of those tab-related features are brought to Chromium Edge!

I talked to one of the Edge product managers at Ignite and he said that there was an experimental tab preview feature in Chromium but it wasn't good enough quality for them to ship. He suggested submitting feedback to help make it a higher priority for them so here I am.
This is my biggest UI wish for Chromium Edge. With the old Edge it is so much easier to manage large amount of tabs and find the one you are looking for thanks to that wonderful tab preview feature!

@CLove3 @MartinProhn 


you can turn it on using these flags:




@HotCakeXThanks for the answer, but these flags doesn't exist in my Edge version: Version 89.0.723.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit).


What version do I need?

@MartinProhn You're right, I enabled them a few months ago but last week they disappeared.

@MartinProhn @Kam 

It was added to the latest version of Edge canary, yesterday, soon it will come to Dev channel as well (or maybe comes next year)

so you need to at least be using Edge Version 89.0.734.0





@HotCakeX Yay, sure!


I tried it out today. It works, but only if I hover over it with the mouse. (I couldn't yet test it with a touch device.)


I still meant the feature, where the preview is always visible as a thumbnail over the tab (in old Edge both was possible, the preview was shown when mouse over, but could also be expanded to be visible always).


Also the feature has like Enable, Enable B and Enable C. I will try out what the difference is. Maybe one of them is the expanded view.