Tab Grouping needs So much improvements

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Tab grouping in Edge insider canary is worse than Tab grouping in Google chrome stable

  • Edge insider Version 81.0.375.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


  • Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)


so in Google chrome, when I go to a website (Any website) and then right-click on a link (could be video, post, picture etc), Google chrome automatically puts my original tab and the new tab into one group and gives it a color.

Then if i open a new website in a third tab, it has no group by default but once i right-click on a link on that website and open it in a new tab, the same grouping happens.

these groups with different colors help us recognize which tabs belong to which website/group and make things easier to manage.


in Microsoft Edge, I have to right-click on each tab and create groups manually.



P.S if you are wondering how to activate Tab Grouping:

  1. you have to go to here: edge://flags/
  2. then find this from the search: Tab Groups
  3. and set it to enabled
  4. restart your browser
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That's what I noticed.... Tab grouping should be done automatically.... That's convenient and makes sense.


@Deleted wrote:
That's what I noticed.... Tab grouping should be done automatically.... That's convenient and makes sense.


Completely agree. Maybe Microsoft is waiting for the Chromium feature to be finished to mess with it, but I don't get why it's lacking compared to Chrome honestly.

@HotCakeX I figured a month had gone past and it was time to look at Tab Groups again, so I just enabled them in the latest Dev build.


Well, they are a bit better than they were but it's still a clunky, manual process and Tab Groups don't seem to have any persistence mechanism -- if you close the group, you can't reopen the whole group (just individual tabs from it). You can't save the group as a favorite. If you open a brand new tab with ctrl+T and then go to the same website as one that is in an existing tab group, it doesn't automatically join the group. You can't create a new group until you have a tab open. You can't open a favorite into a tab group.


It seems like a really weird feature.


I'd dismissed it as simply "experimental" last time, since I don't even remember it being announced as a new feature, and it didn't seem to have enough functionality to be useful.


I'd love to hear somewhere from the Edge team explain what their vision is for this feature!

Yes unfortunately no progress has been made about Tab Groups. have you tried it on Chrome canary?

@HotCakeX Nope. I stick to just one browser on all my devices/platforms and that's Edge (beta on iPhone, Insider Canary on Mac, Insider Dev on Windows). I haven't used Google Chrome in years.

Cool but I meant for testing purposes to see how they handle Tab grouping, not to replace Chrome as your default browser

yep don automatic@HotCakeX 

Totally upvoting your post because that's the behaviour of the browser I was asked for months. Automatically forming the groups of tabs.
Nice, I think this deserves to be put in the top feedback list

@YgorCortes @royamicus185 


So trying in Edge Version 82.0.418.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

it has some improvements.


Edge still doesn't auto create groups when I right-click on a link on a website and open it in a new tab. But now when I manually create a group for a tab and then open a link from that website in a new tab, Edge puts the newly opened tab in the same group as the origin tab.


at least someone on the team is working on this feature