Tab group favicon bug and suggested feature

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There is a small bug in the way vertical tabs are displayed inside of groups. I am on a new install of the dev channel if that helps! They are shifted ever so slightly to the left, but the favicon looks a little weird because of this. 




Also, when new tabs are opened using the browser API (e.g. when using third party software like create-react-app), it would be nice if there was a way to (1) reuse an existing tab, and (2) open any new tabs within whatever group the current open tab is in.


For an example of (1), it looks like they try to make this an option with react-dev-utils/openBrowser.js in Chrome OSX, which makes me wonder why they haven't done something similar for other browsers (namely Edge). 


To elaborate on (2), it intuitively makes sense to me that when I am working inside a group of tabs, any tabs that are automatically opened would stay inside the same context that I'm working in. As someone that often has 100-200 tabs open at any given moment (sue me), it is a major buzz kill when a tab opens 100 tabs away from where I'm working (and I can only imagine how people using horizontal tabs would feel about this). Of course, this only really makes sense if you are currently using tab groups and you already have a browser window open, but this would certainly be a nice UX feature to implement. 

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To give a little more info on the bug, it only occurs when vertical tabs are collapsed. It works fine when the tabs are fully displayed.

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It has been resolved in today's (3/15) update!