Tab freeze making the screen blank

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Hi there,

Since a couple of builds, whenever a tab is frozen after a period of time, the contents disappear from the screen and the default grey screen is visible. The F5 shortcut for Refresh also stops working unless done by the Refresh button on the address bar. 


Screenshot for reference: 




A fix for the issue will be appreciated.


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@Rohit Yadav I am still having this issue today on Edge Stable 87.0.664.47 (Official build) (64-bit). It's not due to a specific machine, because I have this issue on two different computers. I have disabled all my extensions, reset all flags etc. but nothing helps.


This problem occurs whenever I've had a window sitting idle for a while, so I'm fairly confident that it's related to tab freezing. I don't get the grey or blank screen right away. First, it shows the "frozen" contents of the web page at the point when it was frozen. When I switch between tabs and return to the frozen tab page, I get the same grey and blank screen. Curiously, the website 'underneath' the blank screen so to say is still functional. My cursor turns into a pointer, I can click links, and I can see the page <title> change. It just doesn't seem to repaint the window itself. I can fix the frozen screen by minimising a window, then bringing it back. However, you can image how frustrating this gets after having to do this for all your open windows for over a week.


I've read that tab freezing is disabled for web pages playing media content. As far as I can tell, that is not true, because my tab page with Spotify playing in the browser freezes as well, and so do online lectures (which have video).


I have not yet disabled hardware acceleration because I don't deem this to be a viable solution. Edge hasn't shown this behaviour in the past, and hardware acceleration is an important part of the performance of the browser.


I expect the STABLE build of a browser not to have these issues. I'm just trying to work. If I wanted to be your QA team, I would run Edge Insider.

Thank you.