Tab entries in the Vertical tabs are a bit too small

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I'd like those rectangles to be more fat (vertically) to be easier to click on. It's just, I've been using horizontal tab strips my entire life and changing it to vertical (which I really like) makes me want them to be a bigger of a rectangle than what I currently see. the horizontal width is good and doesn't need to widen the vertical tab sidebar anymore.


this is on Edge Dev Version 87.0.644.4

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I don't fully agree with the tabs not needing more space horizontally.  When I have lots of tabs opened with similar titles (as might be the case when you're viewing multiple pages from the same site, and they all use some common long prefix), the narrow area does nothing to solve the problem that exists with horizontal tabs.


If the vertical line that's drawn between the tabs, and the "main" area for rendering the page, could be dragged like a splitter control, that would be ideal - that means you leave it to the user to decide what's appropriate or not.  On my 4K monitor, I can afford to allocate more space to it.  On my old laptop with much lower resolution, I might want to make it narrower.


If the browser picked a decent default width, but let the user resize it at will (and then remember it), I don't see how this wouldn't make everybody happy.

I agree,
so reading your comment, I got 2 ideas now that could potentially solve this issue

1) show the long tab titles as a rolling text on each tab, going from left to right
2) make the vertical tabs sidebar draggable so we can change its size easily with touch or mouse.



I actually would like to be able to bring it down about 30-40px. I am a lifelong left aligned Windows taskbar guy, and Edge with this setup is great, but its a bit too wide.


See this screenshot:



You can do it now, try it in Edge Dev and Canary, probably in Beta too by now.
Thanks, will do!