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I know this has been mentioned many times before, but this is pretty important to me with Edge. I loved the look of the original Edge and it doesn't seem to be coming on to the new Edge. I feel like the original squared off tabs of the original Edge and semi-transparent background is just signature for Edge. I really liked that look, and I understand that it doesn't need to look exactly like the old Edge and can be updated, with slightly rounder corners and more soft look. I just think that the tabs are just TOO rounded. I can't imagine how much of a challenge it is to please so many people, and it is pretty important to make it comfortable for people switching from other browsers like Chrome. I liked the other Edge and I don't want the new Edge to feel so much like Chrome. (Also I by no means at all want the new tab page to change, it is literally perfect. Just maybe have an option to have the new Edge logo on the 'Focused' layout) I just really don't want the new Edge to change so drastically and leave out some features. I want a new, modern, updated Edge. I don't mean to be so critical, I really, really, appreciate the new features that the Microsoft Edge team had brought us. I trust that my favorite browser is heading in a good direction, and will come out great. I just wanted to express my opinion. I know the Edge team will blow us away with what comes as a finished product. I just know that there are people who don't want to be pulled away from the original Edge, and forced upon a "Microsoft Chrome" (which the new Edge isn't by any means) when we already preferred Edge over Chrome to begin with.

Essentially what I'm saying is, the original Edge had a special Charm that many people loved, I just don't want it left out of the new version.

Tab preview and set aside tabs is more important to me than the appearance.
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honestly, it's only very tiny bit rounded




only 1 pixel, barely noticeable. i like the rounded design, it's smooth. I don't like edgy sharp points.

plus the new rounded design is in line with Microsoft's new design system.

@HotCakeXyes that is true, I guess that is isn't that rounded, but I still liked the general appearance of the tabs before, even if it is applied to the new Edge with rounder corners. I personally think that the slightly rounded corners of the new Edge, combined with the tab and button appearance of Edge legacy would look great. It would be the same design from before but modernized and just made to look more comfortable. It may be stupid, but I just feel like the new Edge should carry over some of that original feel. For instance, maybe a subtle outline of the address bar or the semi-transparent look of other tabs that aren't the current tab. But I definitely think that the Exit, Restore Down/Expand, and Minimize buttons should be shifted down slightly. I really appreciate all the new features that have been added. And despite what some people are saying, the buttons and browser tools (tabs, address bar, buttons, tool bar, and favorites bar) should not be made smaller, the sizing is perfect. Hopefully soon, Microsoft will have succeeded in ruling the browser industry once again, except for the slow down of being so dependent on Chromium update schedule.


Also looking at it now, there already is a subtle outline of the address bar, but it doesn't really show up on one of my monitors. The shadowing around it is not enough it doesn't show up on the TV I use for one of my monitors, but it does show up on a traditional computer monitor (Dell P1913S). 

At the very least it would be nice if they gave a theme option for how Edge legacy looked.

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The acrylic (transparency) theme? oh i would love that too!
It has to be improved. The interface requires more work to make it user friendly.


@vinny007ss wrote:
It has to be improved. The interface requires more work to make it user friendly.

Improvements such as?

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The acrylic (transparency) theme? oh i would love that too!

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