Tab behaviour enhancements

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A couple of tab behaviour enhancement suggestions:

  • Add option to use most recent order when switching tabs with ctrl+tab
  • Add option to always switch to new tabs when they are created

These are missing from Chrome and would be great to have in Edge.

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Unbelievable, why can't Edge get an edge with some user over Chrome and do this?!?!

I got it working using this:



Nice that IE has the "use most recent order when switching ab with Ctrl+Tab". But it doesn't look like Edge browser has this option. For chrome, at least I can spend $0.99 to buy Alt+Q extension for that feature. 

Thank you! It's ridiculous that this hasn't been added as an option yet, especially since Windows Terminal just announced an option with 1.5 that allows enabling configuring MRU:

// Enables the tab switcher
"useTabSwitcher": "mru",
"useTabSwitcher": "inOrder"

@antlane I've long clamored for ctrl+tab tab switching in MRU order. I just want to add to this thread that with the Windows 10 20H2 update, alt+tab window switching includes (optionally) the last five or last three Edge browser tabs. Rejoice, because this essentially resolves the issue! With browser tabs treated as separate windows for alt+tab purposes, I can quickly switch between two browser tabs, even with three or more tabs open. Plus, the thumbnails come up, which is an added bonus. The downside is that this functionality is baked into Windows, not into Edge per se, meaning it won't work (I presume) on Mac or Linux.

@JordanQ No, sorry, this is far from solving the problem! I can't imagine who in their right mind even approved that feature in the first place...
1. I want Alt+Tab to show me my recent Windows, not clutter my screen with my recent "activities", as they were trying to sell this "feature" (which I disabled after 5 minutes of trying it out; it was that annoying).

2. I want Ctrl+Tab to navigate between the tabs I have opened within the same window, not the most recent tabs across all browser windows.


It would be nice if people wouldn't try to re-invent decade old features that work great exactly the way they are. Also, it would be nice if the MRU navigation spec (if it ever gets to this) would be written by people that actually use it and understand it properly and not by people who have no clue how it works and why it's so important to us because they're used to flick their fingers on a trackpad to do everything and the only keyboard shortcuts they're familiar with are Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V (or Cmd+C / Cmd+V, as most "artists" in charge with designing things use Macs, where they don't even have a proper Alt+Tab)... :slightly_frowning_face:

P.S.: I might sound salty because I am... The Windows Terminal team just botched the MRU thingie and delivered a complete monstrosity, even though they used as a reference the perfect implementation of MRU  tabs delivered by VS Code. It's really hard to understand how within the same company a team delivers the perfect thing (VS Code), a second team just massacres it (Terminal) and the third one can't even be bothered (Edge). :pensive_face:

@IonutBotizan Hey, I understand the frustration. I'm a mouse and keyboard man myself, and most of my weekdays are spent in front of a proper Windows workstation. However, I feel differently about alt+tab including browser tabs. I've been using this for about a week on the job and I like it. What are browser tabs if not basically program windows within a window? Each one is just another "thing" that can either be brought to the front or set in the background. If I have five tabs open, and I'm switching between two of them, alt+tab will now allow me to do this. Moreover, alt+tab now allows me to switch from another program directly to a certain browser tab, rather than just switching to the browser and *then* to the tab I'm looking for. For me, this works.


However, to your point, I still hope that ctrl+tab switching will be given the option to occur in MRU order. It seems like it would be an easy toggle to have.

@antlane I like this feature, but what I would like to see is that when I invoke it, the thumbnails of all of the Edge tabs that I have open are together instead of having to look for them by tabbing past other apps that I already have open. The order of the Edge thumbnails to be is irrelevant as long as I can see from the thumbnails what they each are.

Sorry for being so late to this party.
@Pete_FFC I kid you not, my wife normally has about 80 tabs (drives me nuts) open. In her case I think thumbnails would be useless.
On MRU tabbing I'm all in. I drug my feet leaving IE really just because of MRU tabbing. Even Android arranges in MRU order when you hit the task list button to scroll the open apps on your phone.
This feature to me is very bad because I always have 600-700 tabs with sleep . and since this feature added to explorer , my explorer will continue crash because of GDI or HANDERS more then 10000
I was just requesting that MRU tabbing be an OPTIONAL setting like it was in Internet Explorer. If you don't want or like MRU tabbing in the Edge browser then you wouldn't activate it. The default would be as it is now like it was in IE.