Syncing issues need to be made a top priority.

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@MissyQ @Deleted I apologize for my procrastination in writing this(I took me 5 days to finish writing this) and a few weeks to start writing it, and now I cant find the article. There was a non-biased review of edge made by a website, and one of the big problems that they noted was an office 365 favorites syncing failure. Some admins in the comments commented that that did not bode well for them, as they would probably receive complaints from employees and they would have to fix it. This is a massive problem, as enterprise is one of the big areas for edge.

I know that you're having problems with it, and I don't blame you for it not being ready. How hard is adding favorites syncing and setting syncing to edge, and why is it taking such a long time? How long until it will become stable and reliable?

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@cjc2112 Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the Collections & Favorites teams have known that sync is not only very important, but also has unfortunately been an area needing improvement.


If you check out and click "Known issue," you will see that Favorites and Collections should now be syncing properly. However, if it still isn't working for you, we want to know!


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@Deleted Thanks for letting me know!