Syncing Edge Dev Favourites to Edge


After the last update of Edge Dev it would no longer open on my machine. I have realised that in reality I should just be using Edge for my everyday work, however I have noticed that my favourites in Edge are very old and do not reflect the favourites I have in edge dev. I have reinstalled Edge Dev and it is opening again but I am unable to "Manage Favourites". I do not have syncing on and I am nervous to switch it on because previously when I have done this all of my old favourites have sycned across my devices and not the current ones. As I can't manage favourites I can't take a back up before syncing. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can ensure I do not lose the favourites I have in Edge Dev? 

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Export the favorites in EdgeDev

Do you have steps to do this? As I mentioned for some reason I am unable to “manage favourites” as when clicked nothing happens and this was the only way i knew to navigate to export the favourites?