Syncing Collections for Stable and Beta

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UPDATE as of 5/8: In yesterday's Beta update, we turned Collections sync "On" for users that have all other sync features "On" in Settings. We respect your privacy and data collection preferences, so Collections sync will remain "Off" if you have turned sync "Off" for any features.




Hi everyone,


We have an announcement for those of you who are currently using Microsoft Edge in our Beta or Stable channels.


We've heard feedback that you're loving the new Collections feature but are experiencing issues with your items not appearing on other devices or in other Microsoft Edge channels. After an investigation, we found that some customers who upgrade to the latest versions do not have Collections sync toggled to “On” in Settings.


If you are still experiencing issues with your Collections syncing, please navigate to edge://settings/profiles/sync and ensure that Collections is toggled to “On." When this setting is enabled, it will look like the screenshot below. 


The Collections setting toggled to the "on" position, which is colored blueThe Collections setting toggled to the "on" position, which is colored blue


Let us know in the comments below or by submitting feedback (Shift + Alt + I) if you don't start to see Collections start to sync across devices and/or channels after adjusting this setting.


Thanks for being a part of the Microsoft Edge community!


- The Microsoft Edge Product Team

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Ok but are sync data already crypted before they get uploaded?

@Deleted This is unlikely to resolve my issue.  The collection sync has been set on both my systems.  In over a week there has been no sync. After this recent upgrade, I turned off collection sync on both systems, exited Edge Dev, then opened Edge Dev and turned collection sync on again - 30 minutes later and no sync.  I did some debugging in the logs prior to this release, and it seems one system is not properly connecting for the sync.  I can send you copies of the logs if it will help.



It's still not working for me. between my PC and my MAC book pro. Both on the same DEV version of edge. both signed in with same email and collections sync turned on


Really hoped this would include Edge on Android, but seems not. Any update on if/when this might happen? Thanks.

@Deleted Unfortunately it is still not working... 


HI Guys
Sync in general sucks i have tried 4 times to logout of everything and reset in both stable and Beta nothing working fully. My IOS devices get no sync even beta versions and none of my Windows 10 version sync correctly very poor.
If you want people to move over from Chrome you really need to nail this option as Google have had this working for years.

Still seeing 'syncing'  an performance issues on Collections.  The ability to sort Collections has been very helpful.  Would suggest that the 'sort' program ignore the 'syncing' titles and move them to the bottom until the syncing process is over.  It is a concern when a system is up over an hour and the Collections would appear to be still syncing.  Is this related to any 'sleeping features' in Edge ?  Just a thought.  

Like the way that Collections is shaping up and hope it will utilize more of the available resources on more powerful systems to speed it up (balancing act).  

Really appreciate your keeping us in the loop !


I use Edge Dev for desktop and mobile app for Android phone and tablet. Both were updated in the last week. Previous to the update, Collections were syncing well between mobile and tablet but not desktop.

However, since the last update, I'm unable to add new webpages to Collections on either mobile or tablet. (Desktop works fine). I can add a new Collection and rename it but can't add webpages to it. Sync appears to have stopped between mobile and tablet. 


So I signed out and reset sync on all devices - this did not solve the problem. Then I noticed both mobile and tablet sync settings for Collections is disabled (all other sync features are enabled) - It won't let me toggle this to on. (Collections sync for desktop is switched on). When I try to enable sync for Collections the 'Last synced' time updates to the time I tap on the toggle to enable Collections sync. 
I really enjoy using the Collections feature (better than 'Favourites') so I'm hoping this can be fixed to enable full use again and allow syncing with the desktop app as well.


Many thanks



Thanks for fixing the collections sync issue.  I have android and PC and both are in sync, HOWEVER, I have almost stopped using collections because with 75 collections I can no longer find anything since the ability to alphabetize collections was removed.....reordering by scrolling to find a collection and then moving it is primitive at best and certainly not convenient...I used to love collections so I hope a fix is in the works.  Thanks