Synch and Duplicate Favorites - Driving me mad deleting them over and over

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I have Edge Dev, Edge Beta and Edge on my PC


Edge on my smartphone


Edge on my tablet


Synch is enabled


many of my book marks and book mark folders are being duplicated or triplicated!- can I stop that?


even after I go in and delete duplicates - they then subsequenty re-appear

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@Whoosh We appreciate you reaching out, and welcome to the MS Edge Insider's community!


Can you please confirm the version numbers of all the builds that you are using/trying to sync on? It looks like there is a known issue with the deduplication tool in some of the older ones. And if you haven't yet, please submit detailed feedback and diagnostic data through the browser (Shift+Alt+i) as it helps our devs troubleshoot.


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Version 84.0.516.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
Version 83.0.478.37 (Official build) beta (64-bit)
Version 83.0.478.37 (Official build) (64-bit)
win 10 Pro 19631

@Whoosh Thanks for confirming! I see some open bugs around this but will loop in the Sync and Favorites teams to make sure they have visibility into this. If you can submit diagnostics in the meantime, that would be great. 


I'll let you know if they have any specific insights to share, but otherwise please know that the team is working hard to improve this experience.


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@Whoosh To confirm: the Sync team looked into this and suspects that it's indeed related to a known issue. They also requested that you submit diagnostic data (Shift+Alt+I) if you haven't yet, so they can compare the sync logs.




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Hi, cheers I did that already. Sorry for a dumb question. do I need to do that when I have Edge on the screen with duplicates visible, or just when PC is running?

@Whoosh Perfect, thanks. And no dumb questions here! It would be best if you can do it while you have Microsoft Edge open with the duplicates in the screenshot. (But as always, feel free to use the "Edit this screenshot" functionality to remove any personal/private information.)


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Did diags again and included your tag