sync webpage across devices in new edge browser

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i m using new edge browser in android mobile and also in my windows 10 laptop, i enabled sync in both devices, but when i try to share webpage from mobile (from edge) to other device > there when i click on my laptop name its redirect me to connect my phone with my windows laptop. its seems little difficult to always keep connect your phone to your devices.
in crome browser its very easy to share any webpage to across devices in which i have crome browser installed, even if my laptop is off i can share any webpage from my mobile (using crome) to my laptop, and whenver i start my laptop i will get that webpage notification.
if anybody know please guide me how to set new edge browser for to share(sync) across devices without connect phone.

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open tab syncing is not yet enabled: edge://settings/profiles/sync
and the feature to send tabs to phone is not implemented yet.

the only way you can currently use is to use the Your Phone app on Windows 10 and on your phone, then use the Share feature in Edge to send links between devices.

okay thank you.
for now i have to wait for that update.
i am new here so please guide me about one more thing, should i have to close this discussion or just leave as it is?

You're welcome :)
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