Sync Tabs feature poorly implemented

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When you said sync tabs I expected to be able to move from one computer to another open my browser and see the exact same tabs, in their groups all organize as I left them...but no for some reason they are hidden away, unorganized under History....why? I use all your great features like multiple profiles for work and home (and others), and have different sets of tabs in them, I love the vertical tab layout and the grouping and pinning....this is all unbelievably useful and has make browsing so much more easy and fun. Please sync tabs properly and not just hide them away.

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Yep, finally dropped the other browsers and made Edge my main one some months ago...

Been enjoying it overall, but I always have a large number of tabs open at any one time, now I'm trying to organize them. I'd like to be able to organize my tabs and groups in separate windows too, and have them sync seemlessly across devices.

Hope this happens soon, or may have to switch browsers again if I can find this elsewhere.