Sync - removed bookmarks stays on other devices

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Bookmarks syncing between devices works fine except deleting (removing) bookmark. Removing bookmark doesn't any effect on other synced devices - bookmark is not removed from other devices. Sync settings is ok - I checked it. Does anyone have the same problem?

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I tested Edge Chromium sync on three computers (8920, 7180, 3185) tied to my MSA but not networked to each other (each is set to "Public" networking.


STEP 1: Using "Manage Favorites", I created a folder in "Other Favorites" titled "Test Sync" on 8920.

Result: The "Test Sync" folder had replicated to each 7180 and 3185.


STEP 2: Working in sets, I created favorites as follows, and checked to see that the new favorites synced properly from one computer to the other two following each set, in this sequence:



(1) On 8920 - 4-25-8920-Test-1
(2) On 7180 - 4-25-7180-Test-1
(3) On 3185 - 4-25-3285-Test-1

Result: All computers had all three newly created favorites.



(1) On 8920 - 4-25-8920-Test-2
(2) On 7180 - 4-25-7180-Test-2
(3) On 3185 - 4-25-3285-Test-2

Result: All computers had all six newly created favorites.



(1) On 8920 - 4-25-8920-Test-3
(2) On 7180 - 4-25-7180-Test-3
(3) On 3185 - 4-25-3285-Test-3

Result: The three computers synced properly, and each computer had all nine newly created favorites.


STEP 3: Working in reverse, again using sets, I removed favorites, as follows:


(a) Deleted "SET 3" favorites on 8920.

Result: "SET 3" favorites were deleted from 7180 and 3185.


(b) Deleted "SET 2" favorites on 7180.

Result: "SET 2" favorites were deleted from 8920 and 3185.


(c) Deleted "SET 1" favorites on 3185.

Result: "SET 1" favorites were deleted from 8920 and 7180.


(d) Using "Manage Folders", I deleted the "Test Sync" folder from 8920.

Result: The "Test Sync" folder was deleted from 7180 and 3185.


In a word, I cannot replicate the issue.


Two caveats:


(1) I did not test syncing between my W10 computers and my Android devices, which sync to the original Edge Spartan but not to Edge Chromium. In order to sync Edge Android (on an Android device) to Edge Chromium (on a desktop or laptop), Edge Android must be updated on the Android device, and once updated, set to sync to Edge Chromium rather than Edge Spartan.


(2) It took as long as 2-3 minutes in a couple of cases, for 8920, 7180 and 3185 to sync. I don't know why that happens -- sometimes immediate, sometimes a lag -- but it happens.


Suggestion: Test sync on your set, building a log of what you do as you go along, and submit the issue and your log to Microsoft Edge Support.  I ran into an issue where Edge Chromium was blocking Edge Spartan bookmarks from replicating, and Microsoft Edge Support, using my log, was able to replicate the issue and submit it as a bug to be fixed.  The reason I mention this is that the issue was somewhat obscure, and I had to give Microsoft Edge Support something to work with in order for them to replicate, isolate and identify the issue.




Thank you for your test! Your suggestion is right. I can't explain it - today is everything OK, it seems that everything works. Maybe sync broke when one computer were offline, maybe when one Edge Chromium were on older version...
It will take some time to find out scenario when sync brokes bookmarks. It may be very difficult to simulate it, maybe it won't happen again...




I am also having problems with sync and Edge Insider. Deleted bookmarks sometimes dont get sync'd to all my Edge insider systems. Its not a consistent problem for me.