sync problem

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You need to improve sync feature:

1) sometimes you randomly bookmark my url. the url order should be the same after sync activation, if both mac user has the same order. this is not the case with edge (sometimes)


2) if i copy library folder, instead of using "create profile, signup", all my profiles have sync problem. i need to signout and signin again


3) sometimes, or better more frequently, i see a message related to "no sync" in grey/black. i always need to signout and signin. pretty annoying.


hope history sync come soon.

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1) isn't that because you accidentally click/touch the star icon on the address bar? i know it sometimes happens to me.

2) what is "library folder" that you are referring to? is it the folder that Edge creates for each user and contains their user data?


1) no

2) /library/applicationsupport/microsoftedge****