Sync issues surfacing up in Canary builds

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Since a couple of builds, the sync issues are back with no sync item syncing properly. The sync is broken between Insider, Stable channels, and Microsoft Edge on phone. Earlier it was the Canary builds not syncing changes to the other devices. But now the sync is broken entirely between all the devices. I can verify based on the data in edge://sync-internals.

On the phone, the entries are shown as 'live', whereas on both rings on the desktop, I see 'Backed off' message with not all entries live between the 3 and 'SERVER_RETURN_CONFLICT' as the Commit Step Result

Can the team work to resolve the recent sync issues please? Sync is particularly important, specially while working between devices. Also willing to share additional information and assistance in troubleshooting. :) 


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@Rohit Yadav I can attest to this as well. It's breaking/broken against almost all of my tenants/accounts.