Sync issue on Microsoft Edge Dev on Linux

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I am unable to synchronize my account on Edge Dev on Linux (Ubuntu). When trying to activate it appears as "Not syncing". I have already tried to reset the synchronization as I saw in some Microsoft articles, but it does not resolve, it is in a loop. Any Linux users with this same problem?

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Same here...
When will Microsoft get the sync issues fixed on Linux/Debian/Ubuntu?

I don't know about anyone else on the planet, but I switched to Edge Dev as my default browser once Microsoft decided to go with Chromium. In other words, Chrome went out the window on ALL devices.

Ubuntu's default browser is Firefox which I use on Linux/Debian/Ubuntu. If this is not resolved soon, I'll be switching to Firefox, permanently no matter when the issue is fixed...

Yes to those that will ask if I have tried this and that, of course I have. Friggin Edge will not sync. No work arounds, just fix the damned thing.

When Microsoft, WHEN???

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Same issue here, sync problems and useless "Reset Sync", as it never finishes. I already tried cleaning everything else (Ctrl+Shift+Del) and reinstalling Edge, none worked.

OS - (K)ubuntu 21.04 (.deb install)
Edge - Version 92.0.902.9 (Official build) beta (64-bit)

A real shame. It's the only problem I had with Edge so far, but no sync is a pretty big deal!