Sync isn't working for BETA channel for me - errors

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I tried turning on syncing in the Beta channel version. Initially nothing shows up to sync, but eventually Favorites will show as a slider I can turn on. Then a few hours later, I get an error in Edge telling me to log out and back in my profile.


Reading other threads it seems favorites sync should work, so something is perhaps messed up on my client?


I am logging in with a work Office 365 account, not a personal Microsoft Account.

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@Ed Hansberry   "Reading other threads it seems favorites sync should work, so something is perhaps messed up on my client?"


Ed, I don't know what is causing the issue you have, but sync is working fine for me (both sync across Beta installs and between Beta installs and Dev installs.  Based on the threads, it doesn't look like many others are having basic issues.   I'd consider contacting Microsoft Edge Insider support.  I've found them to be very good on some tricky issues I presented to them, all a month or two ago and involving sync issues.

@Ed Hansberry Thanks for trying out Edge Beta. We do expect your favorites, preferences, passwords, form fill to sync when using your work account (only supported for AAD premium accounts currently). Can you please submit a feedback using in-app feedback channel so that we get the diagnostic data needed to debug this? Also it will be great if you can PM me your email address so that I can look up your feedback faster. 


Thanks for helping make Edge a great browser. 


That explains it. We do not use ADD premium at this time. Just whatever AD is set up with a normal Office 365 work account. Nothing is connected to our on-prem AD and we don't have any premium AD licenses. I'll turn off sync to prevent the error until you support non-premium accounts. Thanks!

@Ed Hansberry @akhator I have been using the Dev channel for a couple of months now, and have had no problems importing my favorites from Firefox, and then syncing them across the 2 laptops I use for work. I had to re-image one of my laptops (this one), and now my favorites won't sync to it. The crazy thing is, I have bookmarked 1 site on this computer, and it did sync to my other laptop, the one that has all my other favorites. I have tried both Dev and Beta, uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@akhator we are just a few days away from Edge going public, right? My browser still will not sync. I can turn sync on if I disable all sync settings, but as soon as I turn the "Favorites" slider on, it says "Not Syncing."

@smoist Have you submitted in-app feedback? If not can you please submit one from the device you suspect is not working well? Please include diagnostic data. 

@Ed Hansberry  While we are working on extending sync support to non-premium users, in the first release we will not have this ready. Check some more details around configuration needed to enable sync here -

@akhator I have an E3 license for myself, and oddly enough it seems to sync on the Edge client on iOS, but of course it is empty because my desktop hasn't sync'd yet.