Sync isn't available for this account

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Hello guys,


I am coming from this thread where it asks me to create a separate question if sync still does not work - Sync isn't available for this account - Microsoft Tech Community


I have checked the requirements on this page: Configure Microsoft Edge enterprise sync | Microsoft Docs

One of the requirements says "Office 365 E1 and above"


In M365 Admin Center, I have assigned a "Microsoft 365 E3 license" to my user. However the sync still fails with the message "Sync isn't available for this account". Sometimes the icon will switch to green and it says that sync is on, but after a few minutes it will switch back to not available again.


What is the problem?

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Really noone from Microsoft has a solution for this trivial problem?


I have been dealing with this issue for a year and have finally solved the issue and the fix is not documented anywhere that I could find, if you log out and log back into edge then go to the sync settings and make sure you have all of the toggles on except Open Tabs and History, for some reason enterprise accounts are not allowed to sync these items. Should look like:




once you have done this then hit the reset sync button, This was what solved the issue for me and a few other users in multiple different organisations.