Sync in new Edge is or isn't available to O365 Business Premium customers?

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Hi @MissyQ 

On another thread you posted that sync in the new Edge browser was available for "regular users" and "for specific enterprise users as seen here."   That link lists these enterprise users as being able to use sync in the new Edge:

  • Azure AD Premium (P1 and P2)
  • M365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 E3 and above
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP) (P1& P2)
  • All EDU subscriptions

My organisation uses Office 365 Business Premium, which I believe has been re-branded to Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and this is not listed at the resource you linked to. 


Can you clarify for me - is Sync in the new Edge available to all customers in the above list, and to all "regular users", but is specifically not available to enterprises using Microsoft 365 Business Standard? 




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@Inaurukun it works if you have a personal Microsoft account; or I do not know if it works with regular 365 accounts, IMHO it should work on any MS account, regardless payed or not.


regards, Henno

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@Henno_Keers Yes, it more or less boils down to this:

- there are several types of 'microsoft account' 

- some are free, the rest are subscription 

- when the new Edge was being created, the intention was to make Sync work for all accounts

- when the new Edge was launched, Sync only worked for some types of accounts 

- the roadmap seems to be to make it work for all accounts eventually 

- but for the moment, it doesn't work for O365 Business Premium accounts 

- so for all MS O365 Business Premium account subscribers, actual Chrome is still the better browser (at least for the time being)  

@Inaurukun  Is there a road map to know when it will be possible to synchronize profiles with Office 365 Basic too?

Thanks :smile:


من اصلا متوجه نشدم موضوع چیه اما هرچی هست به نصب نشدن مایکروسافت 365 دردسنگاه من مربوط میشه به خاطراینکه نتونستم کارتی پیداکنم که درکشورمن دردسترس باشه وهزینه اشتراکم به مایکروسافت365را پرداخت کنم شایدم چون تازه کارم من بلدنیستم

@Inaurukun عزیز اگرناخواسته وسهوا باعث ناراحتی وعذاب شماشدم واقعا متاسفم وعذرخواهی منوبپذیرید لطفا


There's nothing wrong with M365 (well, they're probably is, but generally speaking the Office suite is all good).  This issue is with the free Microsoft Edge mark 2 browser. 

You can login to the browser with your M365 account.  If you go to another computer, you can also login to that browser with your M365 account.  But unless you can sync the browsers with your M365 account, the passwords and shortcuts on each computer will be isolated. 

All free Microsoft account and M365 paying customers can sync the browser EXCEPT for M365 Business Standard customers. 

M365 itself is not affected by this issue.