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I read through the latest blog update and no where does it say where you guys are working on a way to sync extensions. I would love for such a feature to be enabled, so I don't have to reinstall them between new browsers (Like the new Beta Channel Browser). 


Here's a pic if you guys don't understand what I'm asking for.



Thanks for the understanding :)

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Thanks @xhero25x - we hear you. Syncing extensions isn't ready just yet, stay tuned.


Like you, I am anxious to have.  :) 




@DarrenMH Thanks. Since it wasn't mentioned in any of the blog posts, I just wanted to make sure they were aware of it. :)

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@xhero25x Yes we are actively working on enabling Extensions sync for you. Coming soon. 

@akhator Awesome! Thanks!

This option has been completely removed in the last update. It was greyed saying coming soon but now its not there at all. If you dont have this option then your browser isnt worth using, @akhator 

Hi @Mozzmanau, Sorry for this confusion with the toggles. We are still working on enabling the syncing of extensions. 


Extensions syncing is gradually being rollout out to the Edge canary users

Version 82.0.439.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)




@xhero25x Extensions sync is now live on Edge Stable. Do check it out.  

@xhero25x  I am not sure if this is the same concept or not:


It would be a good enhancement to allow for import of Extensions from other profiles. Offer a check list that the user could select from. I have multiple profiles (personal, personal 2, work) and typically use all the same extensions (pwd mngr, Ad Block, etc,) across each of the profiles. PIA & a lot of extra work to have to go search out and add the same extensions over & over to each individual profile.
You would want to remove credentials from any extension that requires it. i.e. I have a different account for personal & work LastPass



Hi Rick


Sync works across multiple devices but the same profile, and not from one profile to another.