Sync Edge (beta) Android with Edge Beta PC--Working?

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I'm testing syncing favorites (and nothing else) between Edge (beta) on Android and Edge Beta PC.


Android to PC works. But PC to Android does not (or it takes a more than an hour to sync).


When I say Android to PC "works," I mean in the sense that when I add a new favorite in Android Edge it show up in Edge Beta. (I haven't tested editing or moving favorites.)


Yes, I've got both the latest, as far as I know: Android is; Edge Beta is Version 79.0.309.63 (Official build) beta (64-bit). And yes, I told Android Edge to sync to "New Edge.


How can I fix this? Or is this not stable/done yet?

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Canary should have a better sync experience (Canary-Android)

but you can still go to: edge:sync-internals
on your Edge beta
(by going i mean pasting it into your browser address bar)
and then press the "Trigger GetUpdates" button. then see if the changes on Edge beta desktop are seen on Android Edge