Sync disabled in recent builds

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Hi there,

Sync seems to be disabled since the two recent builds. All I see is the Master Sync toggle on, but the other toggles of Favourites and Settings are disabled...



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I am using Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) and all looks fine to me.

@Rohit Yadav Same here, I think it just means those settings can't be synced yet. For me only Favorites has a working toggle. 


I also see that Custom Searches is not yet planned for syncing. I hope that will be added soon!

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@Rohit Yadav, It has been re-enabled in Canary version I hope it is working for you now.

Yea, it is working in this build now. Thanks for the response...:D

I'm running Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit). Right now all the sync toggles are disabled:

Edge Canary sync toggles disabled June 29 2019.png

I am using Edge Canary version and the sync service is back again (For Favourites and Settings).


It is gone with the current dev build ( it seems




Can someone confirm this?

Yup i can confirm it. it's very Unstable and goes off and on randomly. one time i have password, address, favorite, settings syncs turned on and another time they are ALL turned off and grayed out as if they were never available.

I'm observing similar behavior. It seems to have a mind of it's own with options coming and going but mainly going and staying away. lol. Also, auto sign in isn't working for msa sites. Further, this sync issue effects both dev and canary.

It seems to change the availability very erratically. Yesterday the whole day sync was all off, today parts seem to be working




Is this really within Edge or is MS playing around on the sync backend? Very confusing ... is it supposed to do that at the moment, dear Microsoft?

Syncing was always a big pain in the *ss on the old Edge, often not working correctly and messing up the data. Hope with Edge Chromium we will finally have a working and reliable sync :)

@Phil86Maybe? I know they mentioned changes to win10 syncing in a recent blog post. If it is linked to that they should communicate things better. 


In the end it is still the canary / dev channel. So these things may happen and if it helps making sync better and reliable in the end I am fine. It would be good if they tell us "hey we are playing around with the backend here and there". Definitly would not expect these kinds of experiments in the beta channel.