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Is there any option to configure the following switch using GPO for Edge Chromium?


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There are plenty of settings in the ADMX template, however I didn't find one for this switch. It could be beneficial to at least be possible to configure the default value and let the user choose whether to sync or not. 

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@Yordan Yordanov There isn't (yet). You are not the only one that wants it...




@Yordan Yordanov and @Henno_Keers Thanks for reaching out. I'll pass this on to our Sync team to let them know that there's interest in seeing this GPO. In the meantime, can you please provide additional details about your use case scenarios and/or how it would help you?


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@Deleted, thanks for your cooperation!


Our environment uses Enterprise State Roaming with Azure AD credentials, as well as OneDrive with automatic Known Folder Move to sync user data so that the user state is consistent across devices. To be able to transition users from other browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome, I would like to offer them the same consistent experience with Microsoft Edge - when the user opens the browser, it automatically signs the user in with corporate credentials, turns on sync and syncs favorites, passwords, settings, etc. without the need to flip this switch. I know that if you leave this decision to the user, they'll just click Next to dismiss the prompt. I believe it will be beneficial to have this option available - at least set the default, if not to force them to use it.

@Deleted we already had a case open regarding roaming profiles on our domain together with AAD logon in the browser (120031322001165).

We have to support roaming profiles on managed systems (PC's laptops and VM's) in our domains for users when they logon. If we would rely solely on AAD sync then that would be a problem for users since it takes minutes before the browser data is available.

We use VMware UEM/DEM for that, and yes is it a classical reverse engineer job.

But we want AAD sync as well since users use Intune managed laptops, PC's, mobiles  and VM's combined, and we want the user data on all platforms.

We rolled out Edge to our 3500 employees and 33000 students on the 27th last month and we provided everybody with a introduction guide to get them going (a PDF should be arrived at the Edge team, it was sent by Edge support) and let them logon in the browser and setup the sync.

As you know in a Enterprise environment people sometimes people do not read leaflets (ahum) and just klick the cross on the first run experience, they are just not aware what Edge does offer in combination with Office 365 (whoops Microsoft 365). They think it is just another browser.

If it was possible we would have a setting in place to force logon and sync on the 27th, but there was no setting, only to disable it. 

So we are very much interested in a setting that does this but also enables a roaming profile config (profile.db under AppData\Roaming) in combo. From what I fear the Edge team is currently following the chromium choice: local roaming or AAD sync. 

We want both. At the same time.


Regards, Henno

@Henno_Keers and @Yordan Yordanov, thanks for your helpful responses.


I've confirmed with our Sync team that this request is top-of-mind, and they'll likely discuss it further in the near future. I'll let you know if/when we have any news to share.


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