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I have been meaning to move from Edge Dev build to Canary build. Since history sync is not yet available, is there any way for me to import my browsing history to the Canary build? I have the option to import the data from other browsers on Edge canary, but not from the stable Edge or Developer edge.
I could have gone the longer route by exporting history to another browser (firefox for example), and in turn importing firefox history to Edge canary. But even in firefox, there is no option to import data from Edge Developer build. It can only import from stable build.

If I am unable to part with my browsing history, and until history sync is not a full fledged feature in Edge, am I stuck with this particular Dev build then, or is there a solution/near-future plan to facilitate this?

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This might work, you can go here: edge://version/
find your profile directory by looking at "Profile path:" in that Edge internal page and then copy its value, paste it into address bar of File Explorer in Windows.
(close all Edge browsers after this).
in that folder which you open find a file called "history" , copy it to to your new Edge installation location (get it from edge://version/ )
now launch the browser and look for the history

I think the new feature solution would be History syncing which is coming in Summer.



HotCakeX, you are god's gift to humanity. Thank you so so much for your help.

It worked flawlessly. It's like a cheat-code history sync, ha. 

Thank you again :smile:

Happy to hear that, you're welcome :)