Switching to the "real" Edge

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Is anyone aware when the real Edge browser is offered next week if those of us using the dev version will be able to import the favorites and extensions that we have set up while using that version?

I have added many favorites and extensions while using the dev version and I'd hate to have to recreate them if the new version doesn't overwrite the dev version.

Thanks for any insight into how this is going to work next week.

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Assuming that you have your EdgeChromium Dev settings linked to your Microsoft Account (MSA), the "RealEdge" version should automatically pick up all Dev settings that are replicated through your MSA (e.g. Favorites, light/dark and so on)  just as Beta, Dev and Canary versions all pick up settings from one another now. 


The reason is that "RealEdge" will link to the same Chromium-side dataset that is currently linked to your MSA, the dataset that the current Beta, Dev and Canary now use. So if you have your settings set up in Dev, Stable will pick them up without any action on your part other than to install "RealEdge".


I don't know for sure about Extensions.  I don't use them.  I recall reading (either on this Forum or in other relevant sources) that Extensions are not synced in EdgeChromium builds, so I would not expect your Extensions to show up in "RealEdge".

@Flyer11 https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/syncing-edge-stable-lt-gt-edge-insider-profile-sy...


In the end, every Chromium Edge version will sync with every other branch: extensions, history, settings, favorites, etc. A few problems:


  • Stable Chromium Edge will not launch with full syncing in January, so initially, we will only be able to sync Canary/Dev/Beta <-> Canary/Dev/Beta (between two systems or multiple branches on one system).
  • I do not think they will officially support intra-browser export/import. The sync process is currently only through your Profile. So, it's not Edge browser <-> Edge browser, but Edge browser <-> Profile on Microsoft's servers <-> Edge browser.

In Firefox and Chrome, sometimes you can export/import profiles just by copying the profile directory.


Extension syncing is not yet enabled but Favorite syncing exists.
make sure it's turned on in here: edge://settings/profiles/sync

and make sure you login to the same Microsoft account on both dev and stable versions.
In Edge it also works as long as you login to the same MSA account.

Thanks for all the info. But for some reason, when i look under settings, it says my account is not syncable and the sync arrows are grayed out???? I log into Win 10 using a local account so I'm not sure how effects that function. I would be okay if there is an import function on the new Edge that will allow me to import my favorites from Edge Dev. I can live without the extensions being transferred.

Well use your Microsoft account to sign into your browser first